The Uniqueness of Jamaican Fashion

local fashionThe specular Jamaican fashion is synonymous with color and Reggae. In fact, one cannot visualize something designed by a Jamaican designer without bright colors juxtaposed with brilliant hues. This is true of apparel as well as accessories. Even the footwear tends to be more colorful than other designs. If you were to look for Jamaican fashion, you are likely to be dazzled by the colorful combinations. Not too many people feel comfortable in anything but sober and dignified colors.

This does not necessarily make them appear dull. However, the fact remains that a little color goes a long way into making a dramatic statement. After all, first impressions are more or less accurate and seeing someone dressed in a particular way tends to leave behind certain opinions or impressions of the person inside the clothing. There are many people who wear unrelieved black because they believe that it suits them best. These people do not try and experiment with colors and go through their life in an almost repressed manner. They may like to see others in brighter colors and sigh with envy. But, they would not feel comfortable buying a dress designed by Jamaican artists simply because they think it would be too loud or would clash with their lifestyle. This is most unfortunate.

The fact of the matter is that people who are more daring often take life by its horns and manage to enjoy every moment of every day. They may wear a lot of formal suits to work but would still try to add a colorful scarf or ear rings that would lend some flash to the unrelenting formality. There is a type of personality that shines through and tells the world that they have learned to enjoy themselves and their life. This also requires a tremendous amount of confidence.

Of course, the point remains that one does not want to distract the audience during a formal meeting. So, they may not allow themselves to go overboard with

  • loud
  • or bright colors.
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But, nothing stops them from adding a little flair to their appearance. It is obvious that Jamaican fashion need not be restricted to holidays or vacations. It is also obvious that those wearing Jamaican fashion need not be unprofessional or lacking in any seriousness.

Clothes might make the man; but, style is intrinsic and is part of the whole be it appearance or personality. Over the last several years, Jamaican fashion has entered the usually serious scene of the fashion industry. Many of the previously established design houses are facing severe competition from Jamaican designers because it is time for a change. People are more open minded and willing to explore certain hidden qualities and have become more adventurous. One thing is certain and that is that Jamaican fashion is unique and has a place in the fashion world just as much as French and Italian design houses.